Top Earring Trends for 2019

Summer is finally here and it's time to rock those summery earrings! For summer 2019 we have seen a lot of shell jewelry, which is great! I would have never guessed this 5 years ago but I'm not complaining. Let's get in to the trends...

Earring Trend # 1 for Summer 2019. Shell earrings.

Shell Hoop Earring

These beautiful shell hoop earrings put a nice spin on the classic hoop earring. These are great earrings to dress up any summer outfit. You can view them here.

If you are a fan of smaller earrings, these are a great option as well.

small shell hoop earring

We love these small shell dangle earrings. The gold will compliment your tan while the shells bring a beach vibe to your look.

Earring Trend # 2 for Summer 2019. Bold Color.

Sabrina Rhinestone Earring

Bold colored earrings are trending this summer. These rhinestone earrings will compliment your summer outfits perfectly. Try matching them with your dress or top. They come in so many colors like red, blue and pink! See all the colors here.


Earring Trend # 3 for Summer 2019. Resin Hoop Earrings

Mandy Hoop Earring

We can't get over how cute these resin hoop earrings are. They are another spin on the classic hoop earring that we love. The black and white pattern of these earrings is complimented nicely by the gold accent color. Try wearing these black/white/gold hoop earrings with a white top or dress.

These earrings come in a bunch of different colors, you can see them here. 

Mandy Hoop Earring

We hope you'll try out some of these summer 2019 earring trends! 



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